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Does the idea of doing your taxes keep you up at night?


Do you put it off as long as you possibly can only to scramble to find everything on April 14?

Is there a simmering disagreement with your spouse about finding the documents you need?

Do you consider going on the lam and living a life under an assumed name just to avoid the annual headache of tax season?


Download the video of my Tax Prep Webinar and PDF to get answers to questions like:

  • Do you need an accountant if you have TurboTax?
  • Can I include expenses and income from my solopreneur business on my personal taxes or should I file separately for that business?
  • When should couples should file their taxes jointly vs. separately?
  • If you have set up a home business, what is the amount of money you would need to

    make to have to file?

  • What is the last day you can contribute to your IRA so that it counts for the previous



Download this file to get the answers to these and other important tax questions!


2023 Tax Prep Webinar

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