Things are chaotic right now. People are losing jobs or learning to work from home, kids are schooling online, and money is tight for a lot of families. 


I want to help. Book a free 15-minute call with me and we’ll create a plan for how you can weather this difficult time. I can guide you through getting your financials in order, creating a plan for your stimulus check or just help you prioritize your bills. 


Simple, easy, no catch, no push to hire me for more. I just want to help you be as financially secure as possible through all of this. Find a time and book your call below. 

One-on-One Financial Coaching

  • Does thinking about your finances stress you out?​

  • Do you and your partner fight about money all the time?​

  • Do you think retirement is out of reach?​

  • Do you worry you can't afford the things you want in life?​

  • Do you not know what to do to improve your finances?

One-on-One Financial Coaching can help!

Emily can help you with any money concerns that might be bothering you, from preparing for retirement to taming debt to creating a sustainable budget. Her ongoing coaching can help you get your finances from stressful to stress-free, while you enjoy her support every step of the way.

Our Services

  • Schedule a FREE 15-minute coaching consultation before you commit.

    15 min

  • End Your Financial Stress Now

    1 hr

    125 US dollars

What People Are Saying


Emily breaks down all your financial questions into easy to understand pieces and gives you the best options to make your money work for you. Emily is approachable and kind and funny and you will leave feeling like you've just had coffee with a good friend who gives the best advice.

Recently I needed a new credit card. I scheduled an appointment with Emily who talked me through what I wanted out of a card and then helped me research the best cards for me. She also gave me some very good advice about my relationship with money and helped me shift my perspective on my finances. After our meeting I felt more in control and ready to manage my money.


Emily was extremely helpful with a financial situation that had a lot of variables. It was easy for my husband and I to see how different choices would impact our various goals, and Emily made it clear it was about our priorities and comfort levels, not some imaginary "right" answer or thing we should do.


We are going to end up paying off our debt years faster than we'd planned, and with the information to know we're making solid choices. We'll absolutely come back to Emily again when we have future financial decisions to make that have many possible answers. It was such a relief to have her guidance.

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