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What To Do With Your Tax Refund

This time of year has so much to recommend it: the weather is slowly warming (if you don’t happen to live in the arctic wilds of Wisconsin), the birds are chirping lovely melodies, and income tax season is fully underway.

Though I love seeing people dancing while dressed as the statue of liberty to advertise tax preparation offices, that’s not why I love tax season. No, the reason I am a fan of the lead-up to April 15 is probably the same as yours: anticipating a fat refund check from Uncle Sam.

In fact, this year will probably be a banner year for me refund-wise, as I seriously overestimated my estimated quarterly taxes in 2019. This means my husband and I have already started dreaming about ways to spend the money when it gets back: a new television set, an updated Xbox to replace the one we’ve had since about 2009, possibly sharks wearing laser beams, if the refund’s big enough.